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The Problem

Oregon children have one of the highest cavity rates in the country. All too frequently, this leads to an uncomfortable and occasionally frightening experience at the dentist. This often occurs because many dentists have the skills to fix cavities but not the background or experience to cater to children’s unique needs.

A Better Solution

We now know there is a more modern and fun way to help children. We start with focus on prevention of cavities by seeing children earlier than you might expect- ideally between their 1st and 2nd birthday. During these visits, we use the latest techniques and technologies to keep cavities from ever starting. Most importantly, this all takes place in a fun and exciting office with movies, iPad games and prizes to help kids of all ages look forward and even excited to come back to visit the dentist. Our enthusiastic and compassionate team of dentists, hygienists and specialty-trained assistants create an experience that caters to your child’s individual preferences.

What Makes Us Different?

Do most dental offices seem stuffy and bland? Why not make a kids dental office that looks and feels like a day at the beach? We designed Kona Kids so that almost all of the dental instruments and tools are out of sight. A Hawaiian-themed office with TVs on the ceiling, arcade games and iPads on the walls help kids take their minds of off of the fact they are even having a dental checkup. Experience tells us that when kids like their dental office, they do a better job at home taking care of their own teeth. This healthy motivation benefits kids for their whole life!

What is in a name?

Growing up in nearby Woodburn, Dr. Kat’s family was lucky enough to spend about one week nearly every year going to Hawaii and felt that nothing says ‘fun and relaxing’ to us Oregonians as the thought of the islands. Each day we try to create that same feeling here at Kona Kids!  Check out our new salt water fishtank with 5 kinds of coral along with  ‘Nemo’ and ‘Dori’ fish!