Dr Brandon and Dr Kat work with dozens of locations nurses/IBLLC, speech therapists and oral myofucitonal therapists (OMTs) in the area to help children with lip tie or tongue ties. While the tissues connecting the tongue to the bottom of mouth or top lip to the gum are both very common in all adults and children, some kids can experience severe side effects from these tongue or lip ties. A comprehensive evaluation by both a feeding specialist, OMT or Speach therapist in addition to a release provider such as Dr Brandon or Dr Kat can help see if any suspected resections are affecting your child.

Dr Brandon recently completed a two year course of study to become board certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery. This intense examination and evaluation process, typically taken by physicians and surgeons, focuses on the safety, advanced science and most up to date use of lasers in the doctor's specific field.

If you suspect that your child may benefit from a tongue or lip release and they have not been assessed by the appropriate provider or therapist, please feel free to call our office for a list of local lactation nurses, feeding therapists, speech therapists or myofuctional therapists that may provide non-surgical care. If you child has already been evaluated by a therapists for an oral restriction, please bring their contact information to your next visit.